Colorful Birth Month Gifts

We love celebrating — any excuse to have a party and lift spirits! You better believe when it's a loved one's birthday, we go all out celebrating them all month long!

(Updated Aug. 2023)

Birthstone gifts are quite popular these days. Gifts that are personalized make it even more special, so you know we're totally on board with this trend!

Each month of the year has its own special gemstone and flower, for example, July: the gemstone for this month is ruby and the flower is a sunflower! 

There's something so fun about receiving a birthstone gift! It tells a personal story and shows the giver knows the receiver. From trinket trays to stuffed bears to jewelry, we have an amazing variety of colorful, artisan gifts for each month of the year and for all ages too!

Bear BlankiesBirthstone Bear Blankie

JewelryBirthstone Jewelry

Stuffed BearsBirthstone Stuffed Bears

Treasure KeepersBirthstone Trinket Trays