ArtLifting Stories: Artist Charlie French

Everyone, it's our pleasure to introduce to you Charlie French!

Charlie French painting

"Hello Friends! My name is Charlie French. I am an intuitive, abstract artist currently living in London. I live with my parents, and my dad has a job here. I will be back in America soon!!!"

We were so excited to work with Charlie on our collaboration with ArtLifting. Charlie brings an energy and happiness to life that's simply contagious and inspiring. Recently, we had the chance to sit down and chat with him about all things art!

Q: How did you get started with art?

A: "In my twenties, I took art classes and worked with tutors. I decided I would become a professional artist. I called my job: Art for Dollars!!! When we moved to Dallas I set up an art studio in my parent’s garage and began my career."

Q: How would you describe your artistic style?

A: "I let go; I am FREE. I do what I want. What I feel like painting."

Q: How do you want people to feel when they see your art?

A: "I want people to see my happiness. Life can be hard, but I paint my happiness. That is what I want to share with people. I want people to be happy."

Q: What’s your favorite part about the creating process?

A: "Being FREE. Letting go. Starting a new painting when a canvas is blank... that's so much FUN!!!"

Q: How did you get connected with ArtLifting? How has your involvement with ArtLifting impacted your life?

A: "When I was living in Dallas, I started working with ArtLifting. They were looking for artists from Texas. I am happy we made the connection. I like to sell my art. It makes me feel good and it helps me keep painting, keep growing and keep learning new skills."

Q: What does it feel like to have your art sold & enjoyed in homes around the country?

A: "I am very happy to sell my art!!! I want people to be happy. It makes me happy. And I am pretty proud too. I can do it!!!"

Q: Can you share the inspiration/story behind your artwork?

A: "Sometimes I paint from my memories, like Disney movies. My In the Fathoms Below series is all about The Little Mermaid, and Morning in Paris started after I rewatched The Hunchback movie with my little brother during COVID. But my others series just come from my imagination, like gum. That makes me laugh and some days I just want to laugh and have fun. Or Squares. I love squares, so somedays I just paint the shape I love. It all feels good!"

Q: What is your favorite product that has come out of the ArtLifting x DEMDACO partnership? Why?

A: "I love the Isle of Skye Tote, it's beautiful: the colors, the shapes; it's perfect. It reminds of my beautiful vacation on the Isle of Skye with my friends and family."

Q: DEMDACO is a company that strives to Life the Spirit. How do you hope your artwork and involvement with DEMDACO lifts the spirit?

A: "Oh, I think my art lifts the spirit. It is about happiness, joy and having fun. It makes people happy. So I think my art and DEMDACO are perfect together."

"Thanks Friends!!!"

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