All Decorated on the Home Front

Updated March 2024

Welcome to the pioneer days - 21st century edition. 

ArtLifting Hallway Display

Back in the 'good old days', people took great pride in their humble houses. They kept them clean, organized, properly adorned and always had a little something sweet to offer guests.

With everything that's happened the last few years, I think we've renewed our love and appreciation for 1) the safety and warmth our houses provide and 2) the excitement of welcoming people over. Through this, we've learned how to garden even if we don't have a ton of space, cook even if we used to accidentally set off the fire alarm and complete DIY house projects we used to think were out of our wheelhouse. 

Here are a few ways to keep developing your new favorite pastime. 


Front Hallway Décor Ideas

Never underestimate the power of a good first impression. Many people believe the front door makes the first statement ... it does, but it doesn't. Stay with us - the front door is a dreamy way to show off the vibe of your house, but if you have guests coming into your home, they're likely distracted with carrying things, last minute primping and, if they're new visitors, making sure they're not about to knock on the wrong door. So the front door ends up being more for curbside appeal and overall aesthetic (which is great). However, the front hallway/entryway is the first thing visitors, not just passersby, will actually see! No pressure, right? 

If you already refreshed this space over the last few years but are wondering how you can keep it alive, you'd be amazed at what a mirror, some picture frames, a lamp, maybe a basket and some coffee table books can accomplish. You can try swapping out the photos in the frame, switching which side the lamp is on, replacing your plants or flowers to be more in line with the season or changing the candle to be more seasonal. The wonderful thing about front hallway décor is it's not complicated at all! And keeping it fresh isn't either. Subtle is key for this space and that makes your decorating seamless and stress free!

Front Garden Ideas

Ok, so back to the front door. Because this is the spot that sets the tone for your whole house, it's important to keep bright and vibrant at the top of mind. It will pop more from far away and says 'welcome' like nothing else can. Some might say you need to stick with larger items when you're decorating the front garden, but we think a mixture is key. This way when someone is walking by on the sidewalk, driving up the driveway or turning a corner a block down the road, there's a sprinkle of flowers, pots and foliage for every angle. Adding layers to your stairwell is an easy way to keep things visually interesting and seasonal as well. You could even add something practical like lavender to keep bugs away; or add ambience with lanterns and candles. And never forget to include a touch of happy with a door hanger!

Deck Garden Ideas

One trend we've seen rising is using your patio planters for practical things like herbs. Greenery is all the rage, and a natural yet manicured look is sure to create a sophisticated atmosphere for your backyard. Add some lighting, maybe a cute little gnome or two and an outdoor accent rug and you'll design an outdoor garden oasis right on your deck that's enjoyable for many seasons! You can even add plant stakes to spruce up your greenery in a whimsical way. Little details in an intimate space go a long way. 

No matter how busy life gets, you will never find yourself regretting the time you took to care for your home. It's a space that houses all of life - highs, lows, tears and laughter. Whether decorating comes naturally to you or not, don't worry about 'the rules'. Because really: there are no rules! As long as it means something to you and you enjoy it, that's really all that matters.