All About the Spring Things: A Seasonal Refresh

Ah, spring! It brings May showers, but with it lots of flowers, curtains dancing in the wind, longer days and goofy adventures. Needless to say, this inspiring season prompts us to refresh and renew our spaces. Sometimes this little bit of pressure can be too much: too much to coordinate, too much for the budget, too much of a time requirement – you name it! Well, we’re here to take the pressure off you and but the fun back into a spring refresh. Here’s our one and only tip: it does NOT need to be complicated! It’s as simple as buying fresh flowers, rearranging the home goods you already have, opening a window and lighting your favorite candle or baking a seasonal snack. Complicated is nowhere in the mix.

These influencers agree with us! It’s simple touches done with love that speaks volumes. There’s no pressure to buy these specific goods (but yes, of course, you’re welcome and free to do so!). They’re here to serve as inspiration for something you might have that could be used in the same manner!

Have a looksee!


“Mornings are a million times better with muffins.”


“If you saw my last post, I mentioned how I prefer faux plants over live simply because I can’t seem to keep anything alive. However, there’s just something about having fresh indoor herbs in the kitchen that I really enjoy! I was so excited about these cute cachepots from @demdaco, and now I can have fresh thyme, spearmint and sage at my fingertips! These pots are so cute and even come with their own To/From gift tag, making them the perfect gift to give. Did you know ‘cachepot’ is French for ‘planter’?”


“@demdaco sent me this gorgeous vase and I just love the messaging behind it! The quality of the vase is amazing! Truly a perfect gift.”


“The easiest cookies for spring! This sweet ceramic basket from @demdaco made these cookies complete!”

Explore more home goods that may be exactly what you’re looking for during this refresh season!

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