Lori Siebert

Working in a mix of media that includes everything from acrylics and watercolors to torn paper and clay, Lori is constantly experimenting with new ways to create her signature artwork. Finding inspiration from her kids’ drawings, an old quilt, or an off-beat piece of folk art, her insatiable curiosity, a whimsical design sense and fresh approach to color and sentiment, give each collection its own unique personality. A common thread through most of her work features the use of text to convey deeply sentimental and inspiring messages.

Portrait of artist Lori Siebert and pillows, blankets, mug and teddy bears decorated in her hand-writing artwork

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    Lit 4th of July Pop-In

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    Give Thanks Pop In

  • Love Throw Pillow

  • White and peach ombre mug with black lettering and doodles. Mug starts white at top and is peach at bottom.

    Grandma Mug