They call it “The Most Wonderful Time of The Year,” and the Christmas Holiday Season is when DEMDACO really shines. A season of giving warms up a frosty winter landscape. Loved ones celebrate and cherish holiday traditions of the past and present. We strive to help you find meaningful Christmas gifts for family and friends, and fresh ideas for decorating your home (and tree) that provide extra Christmas spirit when family and friends gather. DEMDACO offers a joyous array of ornaments and home décor that suits any style and warms the heart during the coldest winter. We realize that traditions run deep and decorating tastes vary, but at Christmastime, being with the ones you love is the best tradition of all.

16-30 of 1171 items

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  • rolled up checkered fabric with fur on each end and clock decal attached to center

    Amelia Pillow

  • White/black checkered print with red bow hanging stocking - with white fur cuff, blue heel, and birds nest in toe

    Amelia Stocking

  • Close up of figurine angel holding puppy

    Angel of Comfort

  • Angel figurine holding puppy

    Angel of Friendship

  • Angel figurine holding rock

    Angel of Healing

  • Angel figurine holding out candle

    Angel of Hope

  • Faceless angel woman with black wire wings holding out candle with her hands

    Angel of Hope Ornament

  • Angel praying figurine

    Angel of Prayer

  • Close view of angel figurine with praying hands

    Angel of Prayer Ornament

  • White wooden pedestal stand

    Angel Stand

  • Hanging white angel wings ornament

    Angel Wings Ornament