Door Hangers & Door Décor

Decorative door hangers can provide a warm welcome to guests as they walk into your home. Adding decorative accents to your doors, inside or out, can not only enhance the appearance of your home but also bring a personal touch to it. DEMDACO’s assortment of handcrafted metal door hangers offers a simple way to personalize your front door as you invite friends and family in and out of your home. They also work beautifully on entryway walls as well.

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  • Flat flower pot placemat - mat is white/black striped - three tulips are coming out of the top - one is yellow, one is red, and one is pink - all dotted

    Screenings Flowers in Vase Door Hanger

  • Stack of orange/white/green pumpkins token

    Screenings Stacked Pumpkins Door Hanger

  • A black and white striped vase door hagner, with three flowers - yellow, blue, and red. Each with gold glitter centers.

    Flowers in Striped Vase Door Hanger

  • American flag flat placemat

    Screenings Flag Door Hanger

  • Small green clover figurine with light green flowers on it

    Screenings Lit Shamrock Door Hanger

  • Front view of white bunny stand with pink ears wearing flower collar

    Spring Bunny with Flowers Door Hanger

  • Snowman with black and white polka dot hat, pink and red scarf, 4 black buttons, and white and striped heart

    Screenings Snowman with Heart Door Hanger

  • A red heart shaped door hanger with white polka dots and 8 multi colored spiral flowers with 2 green leaves on each.

    Heart and Flowers Door Hanger

  • Shamrock with Bow Door Hanger

    Shamrock with Bow Door Hanger

  • A large orange pumpkin door hanger with gold flecks, and a green stem and leaves.

    Orange Pumpkin Door Hanger

  • Bright Sun Door Hanger

    Bright Sun Door Hanger