a tree, a prayer

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a tree, a prayer

May you find strength, beauty and peace each day

“A tree can be a metaphor for strength, beauty and peace — qualities we all aspire to. The prayer is one of hope and healing; about living in the moment. The title is as much a prayer as the sentiment. This piece is very open. The tree can be a symbol of anything that is centering and inspirational. Trees are grounding — a connection to that which sustains us. It could also reference the Tree of Life — a universal symbol in many different religions, both Christian and non-Christian.”

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a tree, a prayer

Submitted by Erika Trujillo in Pueblo, Colorado, April 2015

On March 22, 2015, my dad was killed in a motor vehicle accident. He was hit by a drunk driver who was running from the police. My stepmother, little brother and his girlfriend were all in the vehicle and severely hurt. My dad was killed instantly. My little brother and his girlfriend are still struggling with their injuries but are home and trying to get back to a normal routine. My stepmom is still in a rehab unit and will continue to struggle for a really long time. During this devastating time in our lives, there were many people who stepped up to help our family. This is just a little token of appreciation and thanks from our family to them. This piece is a perfect example of how I see my dad, as an angel. He is now our Guardian Angel watching over my family and his grandchildren who were the light of his life. I love you Dad!

A tree, a prayer

Submitted by Shannon Bradley in Evansville, Indiana, February 2015

After a courageous 13-year battle with Parkinsonism, and at the end of his life pneumonia, my dad passed away in his sleep on January 27, 2015, at the age of 82. The month prior to that was very difficult, as he spent it in the hospital, with family by his side 24/7. On Christmas Day, he had still been able to walk with a walker and enjoyed a big holiday meal with his family. Then, on January 2, he began running a fever and slipped into delirium. He was taken to emergency that night, and even though doctors at first thought the fever might indicate an infection that could be treated, after several weeks it became clear that he was in the end stages of the Parkinsonism and nothing could be done. He would slip in and out of delirium and agitation, meaning we (mainly my brother, mom and I) sat by his bed the entire time. While this time was filled with sadness, it was also a precious gift as we shared in his final journey. He described seeing mountains and falling water and had conversations with people who had preceded him in death. At one point, he asked me if he should go with his mother. I told him that yes, when he was ready, he should. A week later, he had an evening of being lucid, and he hugged me and told me he loved me. That night, he did go with his mother. Following his funeral, my youngest son walked in with a gift bag sent by his girlfriend's mother, Norma. I opened it to find my Willow Tree angel - A Tree, A Prayer. The angel now sits on my mantel with the blessing that I may "find strength, beauty and peace each day." It will always remind me of my very special Dad, who taught me so much about strength, beauty and peace, both in his life and in his death.

A Tree, A Prayer

Submitted by Susan Gorman in Washington, IL 61571, July 2014

On November 13, 2013, an E-F4 tornado roared through our neighborhood leaving devastation and heartache behind. My husband, John, and I were home when the tornado struck. We had seconds to go downstairs to the laundry room to the concrete block shower where we were protected as our home of 42 years exploded around us but did not touch us. Eleven hundred homes were destroyed on that warm, sunny morning. One of the miracles is that all of the churches were spared as were the schools, our Five Points Fitness Center, the Washington Christian Village Nursing Homes, and the historic square and businesses in our community. As I stepped into the family room after coming downstairs from the bedroom, I asked my husband, John, "Is there a storm around here?" He replied, "It's in East Peoria, I think," just as a window right beside me blasted out and I heard the infamous freight train noise as I ran screaming and praying into the laundry room into the shower. John followed me a few seconds later just as we heard a terrorizing sound of our house being destroyed above us. Thankfully, we were spared as the ceiling above us did not collapse on us. Seconds later, I heard an eerie stillness. The storm had passed on to another neighborhood to destroy everything in its wake. John and I walked a few steps out of the shower back into the family room where we saw a huge tree taking up almost all of the room. Then we heard the quiet ticking of a clock that my Dad, a watchmaker, had given us on our wedding, still keeping perfect time. As we turned to look upstairs into the kitchen, we saw the sky. At my feet was one of my Willow Tree angels with her head missing. All of my Willow Tree angel collection was broken except for one angel - 'A Tree, A Prayer.' I know that I had at least 20 angels which were sitting on the top of a hutch that my Mom had given us a few years previously. Our home was completely destroyed although we were able to recover most of my jewelry which was locked in a case, my Mom's beautiful coffee set, my grandmother's china, a ceramic Nativity set that my Mom had made which survived in the base of the hutch, and 20 objects from our three-sided glass curio cabinet in the living room which was destroyed. So, I knew that I must begin a new collection of Willow Tree angels. Today I bought the Abundance angel - 'So much love,' and I saw the invitation to share my story. My sister-in-law, Mary, gave me the Hope angel days after the tornado, and my daughter, Kristen, gave me the 'Angel of Light' for Christmas. I now have twelve angels in my new beginning collection including 'Two Alike, Soar, Joy, Peace on Earth, I Love You, Simple Joys, Angel Love, and Happiness.' My husband and I are living in a condo and are looking to buy a beautiful ranch home in a neighborhood which still has trees, flowers, and grass. If we do not find one, by the end of August we will rebuild either on our destroyed lot or we will purchase another lot. We feel blessed to be alive and that our family is all safe and that, miraculously, only three people died in a disaster that could have resulted in hundreds of deaths. We feel that God was watching over our community and its people. I have written my story for the Washington Historical Society for future generations and am helping others write their stories. I want to make a contribution to others and stay strong for them as they struggle to find the words for an experience that is beyond imagination and comprehension.

a tree, a prayer

Submitted by Iris Urbina in Texas, May 2014

On June 3, 2012, my youngest daughter was killed in an automobile accident. She lost control of her vehicle and struck a 100 year-old Ash tree. My life has forever been changed with her passing. I have always been a devout Christian and know that Jesus has her in the palm of His hand. I also know I will see her again when God calls me home one sweet day. This has always given me peace; however, the waiting has proven to be quite difficult. Since that tragic day, I continuously look for art which will soothe my aching heart. I was immediately captivated with this piece upon seeing it at a local store. I have placed one in my office, in my kitchen above the sink and in my bedroom so that I can enjoy it everywhere I go. I now associate the tree which took her life with the tree of life. She is now in the most perfect place of peace, waiting patiently for our family chain to be linked for all eternity. Your God-given talent has helped me and for that I am forever grateful!

a tree, a prayer

Submitted by Mike Duffek in Tabor, SD, January 2014

I received this piece from my elementary staff in Springfield SD after the death of my dad. He had spent 7 weeks at Mayo in Rochester MN where he had open heart surgery which included having a LVAD put in his chest. He was on the road to recovery until a stroke took him away from us on Jan. 3, 2014, after being home for a week. I have the piece sitting on my desk next to my computer and look at it daily which allows me to remember all of the special memories that I have of my dad.

a tree, a prayer

Submitted by Suvi in city of Oulu, Finland, June 2013

I bought this figurine for myself at the time of my dad's heart operation, to give me and my family some more strength to pull through. I am glad that I made the purchase, because this angel has been sending its blessings for us ever since!

a tree, a prayer

Submitted by Vivian in Indiana, December 2012

I bought this Angel of prayer for my self when we found out that my husband was dying from cancer. I prayed and prayed for healing, for peace, for divine intervention. I lost my Husband Feb. 4 2012 but I still pray every day that God will give me peace in my heart so I can deal with the loss of my husband. He was my best friend in the whole world; he was such a wonderful loving, caring person. It is so hard to let go. I know he is in a better place. I have heard it all, it will get easier, and I know it will as time goes on. Now he is one of God's angels. Thank You Susan for all of your Willow Tree figures, I only have 9 so far but I do love them and I am sure I will get more. Vivian

a tree, a prayer

Submitted by ANNETTE in MI, August 2012

To tell you my story of how I started collecting Willow Tree, I have to go back 2 years (Aug. 2009). My sister was due to have a baby boy; on the day he was to be born he died. That was a hard day for all of us. At the funeral the pastor read the story about dragonflys and since then we see dragonflys everywhere When we see a dragonfly today we think of our Evan in Heaven. Then four months later she became pregant again, but sadly, three months later she lost the baby, my niece Emma. My sister is now pregant again. She is due in July and she is having another boy (Nathaniel). Our father is now terminally ill. He is in hospice; each room is named after a tree. He is in the room Willow, which is also the same name of the street where his father lived. His name was William. My first Willow Tree figurine was A Tree, A Prayer, I also bought my mom Remember. This now has started our collection as we move forward. These items help us through the tough times.

a tree, a prayer

Submitted by Elsie in USA, August 2012

About 6 years ago my daughter was given two of your beautiful Willow Tree figurines: 1) A tree, a prayer and 2) Courage Recenlty I lost my friend and Frankie after 13 years. Frankie a beautil gray cat. A few days after my loss, my daughter-in-law and son brought a gift to me, With Affection. This was given to me in rememberance of my friend Frankie and has touched my heart and has a special place of display in my home. Thank you for this special creation.

a tree, a prayer

Submitted by Samantha in Alberta, Canada, August 2012

I gave birth to identical twin girls in March 2011, A few weeks ago one passed, This is the hardest thing I have ever dealt with in my life, My step mom had given me A Tree, A Prayer, This made me fall in love with Willow Tree, and seeing Two Together let me find peace. No matter where my girls are there will always be a bond. I have a few now, and since have started a collection. My newest addition was Two Alike. Thank you for this smile :)

a tree, a prayer

Submitted by linda in fl, March 2012

I bought this angel today for my beloved Godmother, Aunt Raja. I want her to know that I am holding her in my heart and prayers as she battles uterine cancer.

a tree, a prayer

Submitted by Amanda in MA, December 2011

I just bought this today and my Grandfather passed this evening. I bought it for my mother (his daughter) to give to her on Christmas. After I started driving home I realized I should have bought one also for my aunt. I am now on a mission to buy one for her also to give it to her at Christmas. Thank you for such great products!

a tree, a prayer

Submitted by Amparo in Texas, July 2011

My mother passed away January 26, 2011. The story submitted by $hort$ really touched me. It brought tears to my eyes because I know how lost and devastated one feels after losing the person who gave you life and the ONE person who will always love you unconditionally. When you lose your mom, there's a hole in your heart that no other person can fill. But thankfully, like $horts$, I have a childhood friend who has been there for me 100%. She also gave me my first Willow Tree and it brought so much comfort to my soul. I had my 42nd birthday this month and lo and behold, my sister-in-law gave me another--A Tree, a Prayer Willow Tree figurine. Now I have the pair and I love them! I am sure that this will start a collection in my household, and that of my brothers and sister, becasue I intend on sharing this beautiful piece of art with my whole family! Thank you for such beautiful and meaningful work!

a tree, a prayer

Submitted by Nataliya in Ukraine, May 2011

I do not actually remember when and where I saw Willow Tree the first time, but when I saw the poster with the collection in Amsterdam I could not pass by. A tree, a prayer reflects my inner state now--I am going to start a family and pray to God every day that we will be happy and safe together. I realize that the collection could represent the whole story of a family and really want to do so in my case. So I am looking forward to the wedding, children, anniversaries etc. Thank you for bringing comfort to our souls and minds.

a tree, a prayer

Submitted by $hort$ in Nova Scotia, May 2011

My mother passed away two weeks ago. When my friend from childhood met me at the airport, she presented me with "a tree, a prayer" saying she thought I would need an angel to help me through the next few weeks. I was home to help my mom and dad settle in to life with hospice for what I had been led to believe by the doctors was for several months. My angel sat on my nightstand, somewhat forgotten, as I was sleeping in another room to be nearer to my parents. A little over a week later, she caught my eye as I was getting ready for bed and I took my angel with me. While I was sitting with my mom that night, I told her about my angel. My mother died peacefully just a couple hours later with "a tree, a prayer" still gripped tighly in her hand.

  • Name: a tree, a prayer
  • Materials: resin, metal
  • Measurements: 5.5"h
  • Sentiment: May you find strength, beauty and peace each day

  • Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.

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