Willow Tree Figurines

Inspired by the world around us and the relationships we build, Willow Tree figurines capture moments of expression and sentiment in our everyday lives. Each Willow Tree statue is designed and crafted by artist Susan Lordi, then cast in high-quality resin and metal and hand painted. Faceless figurines highlight the physical form, focusing on the emotion of life's moments and leaving meaning up to interpretation. Share a Willow Tree figure with a loved one as a gift or choose one with a special meaning as a timeless addition to your home. Shop Willow Tree sculptures today from DEMDACO, an official retailer.

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  • Three tall female figures with arms around each other attached to gold metal base, all wearing cream dresses with blue ombre and gold dots around base

    By my side

  • Brunette angel figurine in white dress with gold embellished diamonds


  • Left view of female figure in white dress sitting on taupe pedestal holding an infant, also wearing white, to her chest

    For Always

  • Front view of standing female figure with arms arounf younger boy figure standing beside her

    Mother and Son

  • Figure of large light brown dog sitting on back legs, facing right

    Love my Dog (light)

  • Front view of two standing female figures embracing in cream dresses carved with vines and leaves, one younger and one older

    Close to me

  • Front view of two standing female figures, one in cream dress, one in blue-gray dress, holding hands and turned as if speaking to each other

    My sister, my friend

  • Figure of large dark brown dog sitting on back legs, facing left

    Love my Dog (dark)

  • Front view of male and female figures standing next to each other holding baby in between them

    Our Gift

  • Front view of seated male figure in light gray shirt and blue jeans holding hands with younger boy in cream shirt and blue jeans leaning over his back

    That's my Dad

  • Loving My Mother

    Loving My Mother

  • Front view, standing female figure in cream dress, holding dark color puppy in her arms

    Adorable You (dark dog)

  • Male and female couple sitting across from each other touching heads and hands, male in dark pants, female in cream dress

    Around You

  • Front view of seated male figure in taupe shirt and blue jeans with female figure in cream dress standing behind him leaning over his shoulder

    You and Me

  • Cozy