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  • Dove gray wood frame enhances inset carved plaque of embracing couple, birds and flowers, painted in blue ombre and gold dots

    Duet Framed Plaque

  • Front view: female figure with wire wings, holding skirt filled with yellow sunflowers; hook and loop affixed to head

    Sunshine Ornament

  • Front view: female figure with brown hair in cream dress holding bouquet of purple tulips; hook and loop affixed to head

    Surprise Ornament

  • Front view, standing girl figure in cream dress, holding up wire balloon with year '2020' written in wire inside balloon

    Here's to You 2020

  • Round pendant with young girl holding pink shoe to her ear

    Thinking of You Metal-edged Ornament

  • New
    A brown gift box filled with a textured ivory picture frame that reads Our 50th Anniversary", a couple Willow Tree Angel, and a white art heart with "50 Years of Love" in gold letters."

    50th Anniversary Joy Box

  • Front view of female figure ornament in blue dress, with arms raised up to face as if dancing

    Journey Ornament

  • Front view, female figure in cream dress, holding green wreath of magnolia leaves. Hook and loop affixed to figure's head

    Magnolia Ornament

  • Purple painted notecard featuring figure in cream dress, holding large bouquet of purple tulips; inside is blank

    Surprise Notecards—Pack of 8

  • Faceless girl figurine sitting with hands on her legs

    Thoughtful Child

  • Green cover of planner reading "Thankful every day" with image of figure holding bouquet of pink flowers on front

    Special Occasion Planner

  • Small girl figurine in white dress holding up balloon that says 2017 on it

    Here's to You 2017