Winter Gifts

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    Two white and beige snowman shaped salt and peper shakers.

    Snowman Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

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    A wearable blue and light gray blanket shaped like a smiling monster with a head, paws and tail.

    Growl Pal Wearable Blanket

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    Faith Can Move Mountains Baby Blanket

    Faith Can Move Mountains Baby Blanket

  • New
    A green and blue plaid fringed blanket with a fabric patch that says "all cozied up", displayed folded up.

    All Cozied Up Fireside Blanket

  • A black and white chip and dip set. A textured large white platter dish with a tan base and "delish & delight" engraved, filled with a small snowman face bowl.

    Snow Day Snowman Chip and Dip Set

  • A textured white divided serving dish of a snowman wearing a black top hat.

    Snow Day Snowman Divided Dish

  • A glass globe ornament with silver beads at the base, and a watercolor painted image of a red cardinal on a holly leaf in the center.

    Cardinal with Holly Dated Ornament

  • A textured white ceramic spreading dish of a snowman wearing a black tophat. Placed beside a matching spreader knife.

    Snow Day Snowman Plate with Spreader Set

  • The front of a white coffee mug with a red inner lining, and a watercolor painted image of a snowman holding two red cardinals painted on the front.

    Snowman & Cardinals Mug

  • A large red and black buffalo plaid Family Mega Blanket, with an ivory patch that reads "happier. warmer. cozier. together". Folded, and wrapped with a cream ribbon and a brown cardboard product tag.

    Cozy Together Plaid Family Mega Blanket

  • A light wooden framed watercolor painting of a snowman with two red cardinal on his stick arm.

    Lit Snowman and Cardinals Wall Art

  • A medium washed "Large Wood Snowflake Wall Shelf" piece. Topped with two ceramic tree decorations.

    Large Wood Snowflake Wall Shelf

  • An illuminated snow globe with a white base, and filled with a painting of a cardinal on a holly branch, and glitter crystals.

    Lit Cardinal with Holly Snow Globe