Susan lordi working on carving sleeping angles and close up shots of the text and tools

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  • Brunette angel figurine in white dress with gold embellished diamonds


  • Three faceless woman figurines in white dresses with blue bottoms all standing side by side

    By my side

  • Woman figurine holding boy

    Mother and Son

  • Brunette woman figurine in white dress hugging smaller girl figurine in white dress

    Close to me

  • Mother figurine in white dress sitting down holding baby in her arms

    For Always

  • Father figurine sitting down hugging boy figurine from behind - both are wearing blue jeans and white shirts

    That's my Dad

  • Golden dog figurine sitting up

    Love my Dog (light)

  • Faceless woman figurine standing over man figurine sitting down

    You and Me

  • Brown dog figurine sitting turning to the side

    Love my Dog (dark)

  • Two woman figurines standing side by side - left has brown dress on, right has white dress on

    My sister, my friend

  • Front side view of girl with light brown hair holding out pink flowers with both hands

    Thank You

  • Front view, standing female figure in cream dress, hands surrounding small gold-leaf flame on chest

    Ever Remember

  • Loving My Mother

    Loving My Mother

  • Little girl figurine with arms spread, blue birds sitting on her arms


  • Man and woman figurines holding baby

    Our Gift