DEMDACO offers collections for women that range from kitchen and entertainment gifts, to fashion and artwork. If you’re looking for the best gifts for a wife, we’ve got some unique ideas here in our “Wife” gift guide that we're sure she'll adore.

a necklace for your wife that is the shape of a heart with a key shaped hole and a key necklace to fit that hole

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  • tea set shown stacked with ceramic tea dispenser painted blue with white lid with painted butterflies inside of glass teapot sitting in white mug with painted butterflies on top of white plate with painted butterflies

    Butterfly Tea Pot Set

  • Silver leaf serving dish

    Floral Planter Set

  • Three white cups side by side with green plant designs all in a dish

    Herb Planter Set

  • White heart pendant with multi-color hummingbird print, attatched to gold ket

    Hummingbird Art Heart

  • White large tea cup stacked on coffee cup with purple flower designs and yellow holes in center

    Hummingbird Tea Pot Set

  • White coffee mug with flower print on outside of mug - dark purple inside

    Iris Mug by Dean Crouser

  • white vase with purple inside and painted flowers on outside

    Iris Vase

  • Three white cups side by side with dragonfly, butterfly, and bird designs all in dish

    Nature Planter Set

  • three white herb pots with colorful watercolorful birds and bird nests painted on them sitting lined up in a dish

    Pretty Birds Planter Set

  • white vase with red inside and painted cardinal on outside

    Redhead Cardinal Vase