Gifts for Mom

It can be challenging to find gifts for mom – someone who selflessly gives all the time. Mothers often say a phone call or quick visit is all they really want, and while that might be true, we offer an array of other uniquely meaningful gifts for mom to make her feel extra special. Our handpicked collection of the best gifts for mom celebrates all that moms do and includes selections that are perfect for nearly any occasion, including birthdays and anniversaries.

Remind Her She's Loved

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  • Front view of standing female figure in cream dress holding infant in cream blanket to her chest

    Angel of Mine

  • Front view of seated child figure with wire wings in cream top and pants, holding brown dog in lap

    Angel of Comfort

  • Brunette angel figurine in white dress with gold embellished diamonds


  • Left view of female figure in white dress sitting on taupe pedestal holding an infant, also wearing white, to her chest

    For Always

  • Front view of figure in light blue dress sitting on rock carved with symbols and words


  • Three tall female figures with arms around each other attached to gold metal base, all wearing cream dresses with blue ombre and gold dots around base

    By my side

  • Front view of standing male and female figures with dark skin and hair holding small baby together

    We are Three

  • Front view of kneeling boy figure in cream shirt and blue jeans holding green potted plant on tall rock carved with words and organic imagery

    something special

  • Left view of standing figure with short light hair in cream dress holding out bunch of pink peonies

    Thank You

  • Front view of seated female figure in cream dress with younger figure, also in cream dress, sitting on her lap


  • Two standing female figures, one younger, wearing cream dresses carved with vines and leaves with arms wrapped around each other, on cream wood base

    Close to Me Musical