Saying goodbye is one of the most challenging experiences. At DEMDACO, our mission is to Lift the Spirit—in times of celebration, when comfort is needed, or just to put a smile on someone’s face. Bereavement gifts can often be the most difficult to shop for and purchase. Sometimes, the most meaningful bereavement gift is a hug or a card expressing your personal support. For something more lasting and inspirational, DEMDACO offers unique selections that can warm the heart and provide a little extra support during the healing process. Our diverse offerings for this emotional time include artwork with meaningful sentiments and figures from Willow Tree® that express those feelings words cannot express. There is no perfect gift for those dealing with a loss, but DEMDACO would at least like to be there to lift the spirit when comfort is needed.

a wooden carved figure of angel on two leaves and a watercolor background

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  • Front view of figure in cream dress carved with symbols of nature with wire wings, hands folded at chest around gold heart, ornament hook on head

    Remembrance Ornament

  • Figure with short brown hair wearing cream dress holding out a candle in her hands, ornament hook attached to head

    Angel of Hope Ornament

  • Front view of standing figure in cream dress holding bunches of lavender in each hand

    Lavender Grace