Love Gifts

There’s no way to accurately describe love. Fortunately, love gifts are the perfect way to express how you feel. Whether you're giving to a significant other, a friend or a family member, DEMDACO offers a wide selection of love gift ideas to show them how much they mean to you. From mugs and tokens to art and jewelry, our curated collections have a wide variety of selections with meaningful sentiment. Browse our I love you gifts today and find the perfect way to share your feelings with someone special.

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  • Front side view of white mug with 'loving' in grey above grey heart

    Loving Heart Mug

  • Dark wooden vertical photo frame with image of two people on a bench

    Always There Wall Art

  • Small, multi-color heart pendant - 'you make my heart smile' in navy and pink letters - gold key and tassle attatched

    Heart Smile Art Heart

  • Heart Cupcake Holder

    Heart Cupcake Holder

  • Figure of large light brown dog sitting on back legs, facing right

    Love my Dog (light)

  • Figure of large dark brown dog sitting on back legs, facing left

    Love my Dog (dark)

  • Love Heart Mug

    Love Heart Mug

  • Front view of standing boy figure in cream shirt and blue jeans, holding gold-leaf heart with both hands to chest

    Heart of Gold

  • Front view of standing figure in cream dress with short brown hair carrying large bouquet of pink roses


  • Front view of two female figures in cream dresses seated on gray rock, facing each other

    Heart and Soul