Unique Housewarming Gifts

When a friend or loved one moves into a new home, you want to show excitement for them with a unique housewarming gift. Warm their heart and their home by surprising them with a lovely new home gift. Browse our curated selection of housewarming gifts for unique housewarming gift ideas and you’ll be sure to find something the new homeowner in your life will treasure!

Welcome Home. Artwork of house and tree made out of pebbles and blue seaglass.

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  • Close view of white mug with black dots and green heart in the center

    Circles Pot with Saucer

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    A set of three off-white herb planters, placed on a matching tray. Each pot has a different flower and background pattern. The left pot has small black polka dots and a large red flower. The center pot has thin black stripes and a large pink flower. The right pot has large black polka dots and a large white flower.

    Flowers Herb Planter Set

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    A small white ceramic planter with black polka dots and a large pink and yellow flower in the center. Placed in a light washed wooden stand.

    Flower Mini Planter