Encouragement & Hope

For more than 20 years, DEMDACO has designed and sold encouragement gifts intended to “Lift the Spirit”— in times of celebration, when comfort is needed, or just to put a smile on someone’s face. We work with artists to create uplifting gifts that can be forever reminders that you are loved and great sources of hope. Browse our unique collection of encouragement gifts and inspire someone special in your life.

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  • Faith and Trust Angel

  • Grey/black/white printed purse with 'you are loved' in gold and small round token next to it that says 'you are loved' in gold

    You Are Loved Zip Pouch

  • Grey multi-tone print lunch box

    You Are Loved Pill Box

  • Navy and light pink print lunch box

    Good Vibes Jewelry Case

  • Angel figurine holding up blue sparkly star

    Bright Star

  • Angel figurine with arms raised up


  • Front view of angel with tied back, curly, dark brown hair holding up a portion of her dress's skirt as it is full of sunflowers


  • Angel figurine in white dress with wire wings dancing on top of wooden stand

    Dance of Life

  • Angel figurine holding rocks

    Good Health

  • Close up of figurine angel holding puppy

    Angel of Comfort