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  • White bread basket bowl with cream towel that is tied with brown bow in the middle

    Ceramic Bread Basket with Towel

  • A dark gray coffee mug with "grandpa" engraved above a white heart.

    Grandpa Heart Mug

  • A cream colored ceramic handled soup bowl with a black heart and the word "friendship".

    Friendship Heart Bowl

  • A tan and black flask that reads "the good stuff".

    The Good Stuff Flask

  • Front side view of white mug with 'brave' in grey above grey heart

    Brave Heart Mug

  • New
    A cream handled ceramic mug with a tan textured base and a watercolor image of two hummingbirds.

    PeeWee Collection - Lovebirds Mug

  • New
    Round white ceramic container with a watercolor image of hummingbirds on the side and a wood top lid.

    Hummers on a Wire Canister - Medium

  • New
    Set of 4 cheese knives with white stoneware handles decorated with black circles, lines and red hearts.

    Red Heart Cheese Knives - Set of 4

  • New
    Round cream ceramic plate with a raised red heart in the middle, small black dots on the plate and the saying "From my heartfelt home to yours" across the bottom.

    Heartful Home Giving Plate

  • New
    A light wood tray with one large and two smaller sections. The side of the tray says "serving' up some fun".

    Serve Up Fun S'more Caddy

  • New
    White ceramic handled mug with a brown textured base. The mug has a watercolor image of a hummingbird over a red flower.

    PeeWee Collection - Red Flower Mug

  • New
    A white kitchen towel with a watercolor image of songbirds perched on branches next to a wood spoon.

    Birds in Tree Kitchen Towel & Utensil Set

  • New
    A light blue fabric boa with paw prints and cupcakes and has gray towel ends. There is embroidery on one end that says "My Dog Is My Official Taste Tester".

    Official Taste Tester Boa

  • New
    Gray fabric boa with paw prints that has dark blue towel ends. On one end is a white fabric patch that says "My Kids Have Paws".

    My Kids Have Paws Dirty Paws Boa

  • New
    Round white ceramic container with a watercolor image of a hummingbird on the side, with a wood top lid.

    Hummer & Flower Canister - Small