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  • Dark grey box with multi-color pen inside

    Talk Foodie to Me Ceramic Spoon Rest

  • Round white serving dish with black 'savor this moment' in the center

    Savor the Moment Ceramic Spoon Rest

  • square tray with painted bird on it

    Hummingbird in Nest Snack Plate

  • square tray with painted butterfly on it

    Swallowtail Butterfly Snack Plate

  • white mug painted red inside with painted bee and flower on outside

    Bumblebee Mug

  • Harvest Kitchen Boa®

    Harvest Kitchen Boa®

  • Three bowls laid out with covers on them - one is green stripe print with homemade on it, one is blue stripe print with farm fresh on it, one is red stripe print with eat local on it

    Homemade Dish Covers Set of 3

  • White rectagular platter with purple and green flower design, artists signature in red in left corner

    Lavender Snack Plate

  • White platter with red flower designs and red artist signature in right corner

    Poppy Spoon Rest

  • White platter with purple flower surrounded by multi-color splatter paint, artists signature in red located in the right corner
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    Iris Snack Plate

  • White coffee mug with red flower design print, cup is red on the inside
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    Poppy Mug by Dean Crouser

  • White coffee mug with flower print on outside of mug - dark purple inside
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    Iris Mug by Dean Crouser

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    Red Kitchen Utensils Kitchen Boa®

    Red Kitchen Utensils Kitchen Boa®

  • Pink Floral Kitchen Boa®

    Pink Floral Kitchen Boa®

  • Black and White Patterned Kitchen Boa®

    Black and White Patterned Kitchen Boa®