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  • An off-white serving tray with a multi-color floral print stemming from the bottom.

    Meadow Flowers Cheese Board

  • A square glass platter with a dark purple rim, and reads "vino" above an assortment of four glasses of wine.

    Vino Wine Glass Square Plate

  • A front facing view of a three tiered serving tray, with three circular glass dishes in staggering sizes, each rimmed with white polka dots. WIth a silver metal center.

    Round 3-Tier Polka Dot Server

  • A rectangular glass platter with a light blue rim, and with an image of the US with a flag pattern.

    American Flag Rectangle Platter

  • A circular platter with a dark blue rim, and reads "Hooray!" surrounded by blue, green, and orange polka dots.

    Hooray Round Plate

  • A circular glass platter with a pink rim, and filled with 8 lit, patterned candles and reads "Happy Birthday".

    Birthday Candles Round Plate

  • A white plate with meadow flowers painted on the top. Placed beside a matching spreader.

    Meadow Flowers Plate with Spreader Set

  • A white serving platter with "live deliciously" in black cursive font and a matching spreader.

    Live Deliciously Plate with Spreader Set

  • Colored glass platter in the shape of 2 wine bottles and a bunch of grapes

    Wine and Grapes Platter

  • An ivory oval shaped spoon rest with a floral print pattern.

    Meadow Flowers Oval Spoon Rest

  • Floral Double Oven Mitt

    Floral Double Oven Mitt

  • square dish with house and flower designs reading Happiness is Home

    Happiness is Home Square Plate