Pet Lovers

Some people refer to pets as their “fur babies,” because they can be such an integral part of our families. While leashes and dog toys are great gifts for pet lovers, at DEMDACO, we believe that sometimes the best gifts for pet lovers are those that let celebrate how their human companions feel for them. Willow Tree® sculptural figures communicate without words the unique bond between people and their devoted pet, offering various depictions of pets and families with pets. Our Animalcraft line of plush dogs replicate what it’s like to snuggle with our cuddly pals, while we also offer different pet-themed baby accessories and home décor items. Enjoy shopping for the pet-lover in your life with our unique gifts for pet-lovers.

Young girl playing with stuffed dog animal next to gray dog

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  • Side view of white stuffed dog animal laying down

    Bichon Frise Large

  • Black and white stuffed cat sitting down with green eyes

    Black & White Cat Beanbag

  • stuffed black dog in sitting position

    Black Poodle Plush Toy

  • Cat Love Wall Art

  • Cat Mom Heart Mug

  • Light brown stuffed dog - long body and short legs

    Dachshund Beanbag

  • Dog Love Wall Art

  • Dog Mom Heart Mug

  • front view of round hedgehog stuffed animal

    Hedgehog Beanbag

  • Light blue heart pendant with 'dogs leave paw prints on your heart' in black letters above multi-color dog print - gold key and blue tassle attatched

    Paw Prints Art Heart

  • Light grey/white stuffed dog sitting down

    Schnauzer Beanbag

  • stuffed orange brown and white dog in sitting position

    Shiba Inu Beanbag