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    Courageous Joy

    Courageous Joy

  • A light wooden framed watercolor painting of two cardinals sitting on a holly leaf branch.

    Lit Winter Cardinals Wall Art

  • A small, dark brown framed pebble scene of a couple standing by a Christmas tree. Titled "All I Want is You Wall Art".

    All I Want Is You Wall Art

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    Dove gray wood frame enhances inset carved plaque of embracing couple, birds and flowers, painted in blue ombre and gold dots

    Duet Framed Plaque

  • A ceramic plaque with a collage style of background and bird, and reads "We will always be connected in our traveling journeys".

    Traveling Journey Plaque

  • A cream rectangular plaque with a collage of patterns, a large dove, and reads thank you for your friendship & laughter. It means the world to me." in black typewriter font."

    Friendship & Laughter Plaque

  • A cream rectangular plaque with a collage of patterns, a large dove, and reads be brave. be brave. be brave" in black typewriter font."

    Be Brave Plaque

  • A textured cream colored picture frame, with thin brown stripes, reads My dearest, I love you. It is as simple, and wonderful, as that" in blue typewriter font, and is filled with a couple's photo."

    Dear You Frame - My Dearest

  • A white letter with black handwriting pinned into a wooden frame with burlap backing.

    Dear You Wall Art - My Darling

  • A gray picture frame with a beige backing filled with white stars and a white moon.

    Moon & Back Frame

  • A white ceramic plaque with a painted dragonfly and "the world was made for adventuring." in black cursive font.

    Dragonfly Plaque

  • A large wooden game dice, with large black dots on each side.

    Big Wooden Dice

  • A gray picture frame with a painted brown and green forest scene and "at home among the trees" engraved.

    At Home Among the Trees Frame