Thanksgiving Gifts

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  • A taupe utensil placemat with two pockets.

    Taupe Utensil Pocket Placemat - Set of 2

  • A white tribal print art cross with a bronze key and a silver tassel.

    Thankful Artful Cross Sculpture

  • A long blue chambray table runner.

    Reversible Table Runner

  • Stack of orange/white/green pumpkins token

    Screenings Stacked Pumpkins Door Hanger

  • A white spoon rest with a black wreath around the edge.

    Gatherings Spoon Rest

  • white ceramic dish with lid and handle that reads 'with this dish, we serve our family… our love for one another and our gratitude for the many blessings we have received'

    Ceramic Family Dish

  • four small ceramic bowls in different shades of gray with the words 'joyful,' 'thankful,' 'blessed,' and 'loved' etched into them

    Pinch Bowls - 4 Assorted

  • three carved silver knobs of a pumpkin, a turkey and a Christmas tree

    Fall / Winter Token Set

  • three silver knobs designed to be a pineapple, a flower, and a wine bottle with grapes

    Hostess Token Set

  • silver knob carved to be a maple leaf

    Leaf Token

  • wooden spoon with flat edge on end of spoon


  • wine bottle stopper with silver carved pineapple on top

    Pineapple Wine Stopper

  • white ceramic rectangular dish with black speckles and the words 'salty,' 'savory' and 'sweet' written in cursive along the center of the dish

    Salty Savory sweet Rectangle Spoon Rest