Thanksgiving Gifts

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  • ceramic cross with blue ombre, gold splatters and 'blessed' printed on it tied to a brass key

    Blessed Artful Cross

  • Together Double Oven Mitt

    Together Double Oven Mitt

  • Round white serving dish with black 'savor this moment' in the center

    Savor the Moment Ceramic Spoon Rest

  • Multi-color cube

    Family Values Conversation Dice

  • Brown/blue/green cube with 'god thank you for...' visible on one side

    Sweet Table Prayer Conversation Dice

  • gray towel with Blessed Beyond Measure with flower illustration

    Blessed Beyond Button Loop Tea Towel

  • Small orange wooden leaf token

    Fall Leaves Magnetic Wood Token

  • Wooden magnetic sunflower token with brown wood around edges

    Sunflower Magnetic Wood Token

  • Round brown turkey coin - feathers are orange/red/brown and wings are pale yellow

    Turkey Magnetic Wood Token

  • White with black designs acorn platter with golden top and green leaf

    Acorn Magnetic Metal Token

  • Front view of clear fabric markers case with three markers inside - gold, silver, brown

    Fabric Marker Set of 3

  • Blessing Kitchen Boa®

    Blessing Kitchen Boa®

  • Be Thankful Kitchen Boa®

    Be Thankful Kitchen Boa®

  • White cross with yellow flowers, red berries, and a songbird. Text is in brown lettering. Bronze key and tassel attached to top of cross

    Thankful and Blessed Artful Cross

  • Bless this home' printed on tan cross with image of house and red heart design keychain with brown tassle

    Bless This Home Artful Cross