Glass Fusion™ Pop-Ins

Using mixed media from watercolors to torn paper and clay, Lori Siebert finds new ways to create her signature artwork. Customize your serving with the playful delight of her artisan Glass Fusion™ Pop*Ins! Use our specially-designed plates and platters for popping in these seasonal embellishments.

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  • Celebrate in rainbow letters set on clear plaque

    Celebrate Pop In

  • Red/pink heart token with xoxo on it

    Heart Pop In

  • pink and brown glass oval dish reading Sweet Treats

    Sweet Treats Pop In

  • gold party hat with blue detailing and polka dots with Celebrate written across bottom

    Party Hat Pop In

  • glass painted bunch of grapes with word Vino painted in cursive green script

    Vino Pop In

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    A small Easter bunny pop in decal with a White bunny wearing a yellow ribbon, surrounded with Easter eggs.

    Easter Bunny Pop In

  • New
    Watermelon Slice Pop In

    Watermelon Slice Pop In

  • New
    A pair of pink, orange, green, white, and blue striped flip flop pop in piece.

    Striped Flip Flops Pop In

  • New
    Wine Glass  Pop In

    Wine Glass Pop In