Memorial Day

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  • Heart Bracelet - Giving Collection

    Heart Bracelet - Giving Collection

  • A beaded bracelet set with various gold, silver, blue and green beads and a cross clasp.

    Beaded Prayer Bracelet - Indigo - Jewelry

  • Cross Bracelet - Giving Collection

    Cross Bracelet - Giving Collection

  • A woman wearing a beaded bracelet set with various gold, silver, black and pink beads and a cross clasp.

    Beaded Prayer Bracelet - Garnet - Jewelry

  • framed art made of pebbles depicting a man next to an American flag

    Proud Wall Art

  • silver bangle bracelet with sentiment etched into inside and outside

    Loving Memories Silver Band

  • Front view, standing female figure in cream dress, hands surrounding small gold-leaf flame on chest

    Ever Remember

  • Metal trinket box in a heart shape with sculpted wings and the words always and forever

    Always and Forever Art Heart Keeper

  • A gold brushed art heart with silver wings, a gold tassel, and a bronze key.

    Forever Artful Cross

  • American Home Made Boa

    American Home Made Boa

  • A gray wooden card with a ceramic plate that reads "Hero(n) one who finds strength to persevere, one who is brave".

    Hero Forever Card - Keepsake Décor

  • A blue art heart that reads "heart of a hero" with a bronze key and a gray tassel.

    Heart of a Hero Art- Heart Sculpture

  • A blue art cross with a floral design, a sentimental message, a bronze key and a gold tassel.

    Remember the Days Artful Cross Sculpture

  • New
    A brown gift box filled with a prayer Willow Tree Angel and a soft beige blanket.

    I am With You Comfort Box | Gift Box

  • A gray picture frame enclosing pebbles creating the scene of a man standing under the American flag. Holding a picture of two soldiers.

    Proud Frame - Gray