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  • A tradition box called "Soft Enough for a King" placed beside an opened children's nativity themed picture book, and a wooden manger with a stuffed baby Jesus inside.

    Soft Enough for a King

  • New
    A square, white glass serving platter, filled with geometric holly leaves and berries.

    Holly Berry Square Plate - 13"sq.

  • New
    A rectangular glass serving platter with a bright green edging, and filled with multi shades of polka dots, black swirls, and patterned candy canes.

    Candy Canes Rect. Platter - 15x8"

  • A large textured red and white divided dish in the shape of Santa, with his hat, face, and body in the bottom of the platter.

    Snow Day Santa Divided Dish

  • Hanging white wooden star manger scene ornament lit up in gold

    Lit Star Nativity Ornament

  • A front facing view of a blown glass ornament of Santa holding a green sack of presents, standing in front of a Christmas tree. With a red ribbon string.

    Blown Glass Believe Santa Ornament

  • A set of three ceramic angel ornaments, each with a different word in gold. Each with a gold string.

    Angel Message Ornaments - 3 Assorted

  • A set of four Christmas themed silver spreading knives. Two topped with a Christmas tree, one with a Santa, and one with a snowman.

    Christmas Spreaders - 4 Assorted

  • A set of two crystal clear glass mugs, one with an ice skating snowman, one with an ice skating Santa.

    Festive Glass Mugs - 2 Assorted

  • A small heart glass ornament, filled with silver glitter, closed with a cork, and reads "our Christmas prayer" in red. With a red ribbon string.

    Our Christmas Prayers Glass Heart Ornament

  • A set of two wooden ornaments, each in the shape of a deer, with a white outline engraved and a brown twine string.

    Wood Deer Ornaments - Set of 2