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  • Hanging green stocking with a red top and tassels

    Elf Giving Boot

  • Three whitewashed wood nesting angels

    Nesting Angels Set of 3 Assorted

  • Two dark wooden trees.

    Dark Wood Trees Set of 2

  • Two whitewashed wood figures shaped like Christmas trees with a heart cutout

    Tree Figure with Heart Set of 2 Assorted

  • Set of 2 oval gold leaf trays with a leaf decoration on the upper left hand side

    Gold Leaf Trays Set of 2

  • Tow Triangular shaped wooden Santas

    Wood Pattern Santa - Set of 2 Mango Wood

  • Three copper heart ornaments with various patterns in white paint.

    Metal Hearts with Copper Finish Set of 3

  • Two plaid star shaped hanging ornaments

    Plaid Star Ornaments - Set of 2 Mango Wood

  • Two three tiered stands shaped like Christmas trees with stars on the top

    Tiered Tree Display Stand Set of 2