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  • Seasoned Greetings Boa

    Seasoned Greetings Boa

  • An illuminated bottle brush green Christmas tree, with a gold star base.

    Lit Bottle Brush Tree

  • An ivory infinity loop towel with four wooden buttons, and printed with many green holly leaves, gold ribbons, and reads "Merry Christmas" in gold font.

    Merry Christmas Infinity Loop Towel

  • The front of a light washed wooden "Adjustable Tabletop Tree Display" with multiple tiers.

    Wood Adjustable Tabletop Tree

  • A circular glass serving platter, with a red edge, and three large red, green, and silver presents in the center.

    Christmas Presents Round Plate

  • A jumbo wooden dice with different colored sides, each with a "Pass the present" task, such as "Everyone pass presents to the right". Placed beside a red product card.

    Pass the Present Jumbo Dice

  • Low Stock
    A faux green Christmas tree with several pine cones, and a red and black plaid base.

    Tree Decor with Plaid

  • A set of two different ornaments, one of a cardinal on a black top hat, one of a chickadee on top of a red polka dotted heart. Each with a red string.

    Cardinals Paperpulp Ornaments - 2 Assorted

  • A set of two ceramic Christmas tree ornaments, one green, one white. Each with tan bases. One reads "Jolly", one reads "Merry". Each with a brown string.

    Merry Jolly Tree Ornaments - 2 Assorted

  • A green blown glass pickle ornament, with a red ribbon string.

    Blown Glass Pickle Ornament

  • Low Stock
    A set of two stripe textured green tree tealight candle holders, one small and one large. Each with several holes and a tan base.

    Tree Tealight Candle Holders - Set of 2

  • A set of three illuminated glass tree figures in staggering sizes. Each a cone of glass filled with an illuminated Christmas tree and faux snow. Placed from tallest to shortest.

    Lit Glass Tree Figures - Set of 3