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  • A jumbo wooden dice with different colored sides, each with a "Pass the present" task, such as "Everyone pass presents to the right". Placed beside a red product card.

    Pass the Present Jumbo Dice

  • Out of Stock
    A glass palm tree ornament hanging by a gold thread.

    Palm Tree Ornament

  • A set of three illuminated star Metal Punched Lanterns, one with a gold inner lining, one with a white inner lining, and one with a red inner lining.

    Lit Metal Punched Lanterns - 3 Assorted

  • A black Art Heart with several holly leaves and berries, and reads "My Dear Friend, You are a blessing to me". With a bronze key and gold tassel.

    Dear Friend Christmas Art Heart

  • A set of three small wooden dice that work together to form a Christmas Karaoke task. A red dice with holiday songs on each side, a white dice with a direction such as "while playing air guitar", and a blue dice with a tone of voice direction, such as "giddy and giggly".

    Christmas Karaoke Dice Set

  • A white snowman head door hanger, with a black and white polka dotted top hat, and a striped green, orange, and pink scarf.

    Snowman Head with Scarf Door Hanger

  • An illuminated pine leaf garland, wrapped in a spiral.

    Lit Pine Garland

  • A set of three small wooden dice that work together to form a Christmas "Would Yule Rather" question. A green dice with "OR options" each side, such as "Or an angry yeti in the dark". A white dice with another "Or" option, such as "An elf who has the flu". And a red dice with the question beginning statements, such as "Would yule rather wear a sweater made for two with".

    Would Yule Rather Dice Set

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    A set of two stripe textured green tree tealight candle holders, one small and one large. Each with several holes and a tan base.

    Tree Tealight Candle Holders - Set of 2

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    A circular glass platter, filled with three snowmen, each wearing a blue stocking cap and scarf.

    Snowmen Family Round Plate

  • A faux green Christmas tree with several pine cones, and a red and black plaid base.

    Tree Decor with Plaid

  • A right facing view of a white blown glass ornament of a nativity scene. With a red velvet string.

    Blown Glass Holy Family Ornament

  • A blown glass ornament of a Christmas tree decorated with white flakes, gingerbread men, and candy canes. With a gold star and red base, as well as a red ribbon string.

    Blown Glass Sweet Holiday Tree Ornament

  • A set of three illuminated glass tree figures in staggering sizes. Each a cone of glass filled with an illuminated Christmas tree and faux snow. Placed from tallest to shortest.

    Lit Glass Tree Figures - Set of 3