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  • Two white and beige snowman shaped salt and peper shakers.

    Snowman Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

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    A large textured red and white divided dish in the shape of Santa, with his hat, face, and body in the bottom of the platter.

    Snow Day Santa Divided Dish

  • A black and white chip and dip set. A textured large white platter dish with a tan base and "delish & delight" engraved, filled with a small snowman face bowl.

    Snow Day Snowman Chip and Dip Set

  • A textured white divided serving dish of a snowman wearing a black top hat.

    Snow Day Snowman Divided Dish

  • A textured white ceramic spreading dish of a snowman wearing a black tophat. Placed beside a matching spreader knife.

    Snow Day Snowman Plate with Spreader Set

  • Low Stock
    A textured red Santa cookie jar, with the body as the jar and the head as the lid. The lid is placed on top of the jar.

    Snow Day Santa Cookie Jar

  • A Santa themed candy dish, with the face and a tan base as the jar, and a textured red and white hat as the lid, placed on top of the jar.

    Snow Day Santa Candy Dish

  • A medium washed "Large Wood Snowflake Wall Shelf" piece. Topped with two ceramic tree decorations.

    Large Wood Snowflake Wall Shelf

  • Out of Stock
    A set of two red and white stacked Santa coffee mugs. Top piece is a Santa face with a red hat, and the bottom piece is a red piece as a body with three buttons and a tan base. Two mugs are stacked.

    Snow Day Santa Stacked Mugs - Set of 2

  • A set of two ceramic Christmas tree ornaments, one green, one white. Each with tan bases. One reads "Jolly", one reads "Merry". Each with a brown string.

    Merry Jolly Tree Ornaments - 2 Assorted

  • A winter themed salt and pepper shaker set. A textured red Santa shaker, placed to the left of a textured white snowman shaker with a black top hat.

    Snow Day Toothpick Holders - 2 Assorted

  • Low Stock
    A front facing view of a textured white sandwich plate topped with a snowman face soup bowl, with a black top hat lid.

    Snowman Soup & Sandwich Plate with Lid

  • A small ceramic Snowman  snack bowl, with a tan base, a white face, and a black top hat.

    Snowman Snack Bowl

  • A set of two Santa ornaments, one with a body, the other just a head shape. Each with a brown ribbon.

    Snow Day Santa Ornaments - Set of 2