Christmas Ornaments & Tree Toppers

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  • A white felt snowman ornament wearing a green knit scarf and a light brown felt top hat with a red felt flower adornment.

    CS Felt Snowman Ornament

  • Low Stock
    A set of two small crystal glass spiral tree ornaments, each with a large teardrop crystal at the bottom, and a thin silver string.

    Spiral Crystal Tree Ornaments - 2 Assorted

  • Set of three hanging red heart pendants

    Small Metal Heart Ornaments - 3 Assorted

  • A set of three snowman head ornaments. One with a beige scarf and a red tag that reads "frosty", one with a green scarf and a red tag that reads "merry", and one with a light green scarf and a red tag that reads "jolly".

    Frosty Merry Jolly Snowmen Ornaments

  • Low Stock
    Two plaid star shaped hanging ornaments

    Plaid Star Ornaments - Set of 2 Mango Wood

  • Two whitewashed wooden acorn ornaments of various sizes.

    Whitewashed Acorn Ornaments - 2 Assorted

  • Snowman shaped hanging ceramic ornament that says First Christmas as a Grandma

    First Christmas as a Grandma Ornament

  • Three red and white paper pulp snowman ornaments.

    Paper Pulp Snowmen Ornaments - 3 Assorted

  • wreath ornament with bird and nest in middle

    Cardinal Nest Wreath Ornament