Nativity Sets


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  • Antiqued blue-gray wood structure with shelter-shaped backdrop in center


  • Front view of female figure in olive dress, holding baby lamb in arms

    Peace on Earth

  • Front view of seated female figure in light blue dress and blue cloak holding baby, with male figure in rust-colored cloak standing behind her holding staff

    The Christmas Story

  • Set of two cream colored slender tree shapes, carved with organic designs and dotted with gold, elevated on metal rods with stands

    Cypress Trees

  • Heavy cream box with hinged doors open to show bas-relief carving of Nativity scene in blue and gold leaf

    Starry Night Nativity

  • White round serving plate with nativity scene carved around it and quote in the center

    Nativity Serving Platter

  • The Christmas Journey Nativity ornament' on white/gold advertisement - silver nativity scene figurines ornament centered

    Nativity Scene Ornament

  • 6 glass ornaments with various nativity scenes. Each topped with a gold star.

    Nativity Ornaments - 6 assorted