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  • A front facing view of a textured white sandwich plate topped with a snowman face soup bowl, with a black top hat lid.

    Snowman Soup & Sandwich Plate with Lid

  • A small ceramic Snowman  snack bowl, with a tan base, a white face, and a black top hat.

    Snowman Snack Bowl

  • A front facing view of a cream snowman coffee mug, with two eyes and a nose, a brown base, and a black top hat.

    Snow Day Snowman Mug

  • A set of two red and green salt and pepper shakers. One green and white striped with a red heart, one red with white polka dots and a green heart. Each with a green base.

    Christmas Tree Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

  • A stackable, Santa salt and pepper shaker set. Pieces, a Santa head with a red hat, and a red body with two black buttons and a tan base. Pieces stacked on one another.

    Snow Day Santa Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

  • An assortment of four red and black plaid snack plates, each with a white message or graphic, such as a log cabin, or "oh so good".

    Oh So Good Plaid Snack Plates - 4 Assorted

  • A white oval shaped serving platter, with patterned edges, and an image of Santa holding a green sack of presents in the center.

    Believe Santa Platter

  • A set of two cream stacking coffee mugs. One with a snowman face, one with a snowman body wearing a blue and green scarf, a red heart, and yellow star buttons. Stacked on top of one another.

    Heartful Snowman Stacked Mugs - Set of 2

  • A cream ceramic mug with a red interior, a red heart, and "Santa's helper" in red typewriter font.

    Santa's Helper Heart Mug

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    A small white snack plate of a snowman's head, wearing a tan scarf and a black top hat.

    Snowman Snack Plate

  • A large cream, ceramic, soup bowl mug with a red inner lining, a red heart, and reads "feel the warmth" in red typewriter font.

    Feel the Warmth Heart Soup Bowl

  • A red and black tea put and mug set. A red and black plaid tea mug placed underneath a red pot with a white drawing of trees and snowflakes and "Just Warming Up" in white font, with a black lid.

    Cozy Tea for One

  • A large cream, ceramic, soup bowl mug with a red inner lining, a red heart, and reads "homemade" in red typewriter font.

    Homemade Heart Soup Bowl

  • A textured Santa head coffee mug with a red hat lid and a tan base.

    Snow Day Santa Mug with Lid