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  • Two white and beige snowman shaped salt and peper shakers.

    Snowman Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

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    A square, white glass serving platter, filled with geometric holly leaves and berries.

    Holly Berry Square Plate - 13"sq.

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    A square, glass serving platter with an image of a snowman surrounded by white snowflakes.

    Snowman Square Plate - 13"sq.

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    A small red house shaped toothpick holder, with a black and white striped roof with a green heart in the center, two illuminated windows, and a green front door. Filled with toothpicks.

    Heartful Home Holiday Toothpick Holder

  • A black and white chip and dip set. A textured large white platter dish with a tan base and "delish & delight" engraved, filled with a small snowman face bowl.

    Snow Day Snowman Chip and Dip Set

  • A rectangular serving plate with black polka dots around the rin, and a large green and red Christmas tree in the bottom.

    Christmas Tree Striped Platter

  • The front of a white coffee mug with a red inner lining, and a watercolor painted image of a snowman holding two red cardinals painted on the front.

    Snowman & Cardinals Mug

  • A red and black plaid oval chip platter with an ivory lining. With a matching red and black dip bowl placed inside.

    Better Together Plaid Chip & Dip Set

  • A set of three black and white Christmas dip bowls. One striped with a green tree, one black with white polka dots and a green and red heart, one white with black polka dots and green and red holly leaves.

    Christmas Pattern Dip Bowls - 3 Assorted

  • A large cream, ceramic, soup bowl mug with a red inner lining, a red heart, and reads "warms the soul" in red typewriter font.

    Warms the Soul Heart Soup Bowl

  • A circular glass serving platter, with a red edge, and three large red, green, and silver presents in the center.

    Christmas Presents Round Plate