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  • A pair of ivory and beige coffee mugs that read "Warm Wishes" and "Snowflake Kisses".

    Snowflake Kisses Cuddle Mugs - Set of 2

  • Out of Stock
    A winter themed salt and pepper shaker set. A textured red Santa shaker, placed to the left of a textured white snowman shaker with a black top hat.

    Snow Day Toothpick Holders - 2 Assorted

  • Out of Stock
    Three white and tan ceramic snack bowls with various messages inside, such as "Yum!".

    Snow Day Snack Bowls Set of 3 Assorted

  • Two stacking snowman coffee mugs stacked on one another.

    Snowman Stacked Mugs Set of 2

  • Low Stock
    A textured red Santa cookie jar, with the body as the jar and the head as the lid. The lid is placed on top of the jar.

    Snow Day Santa Cookie Jar

  • A black and white snowman shaped spoon rest.

    Snowman Spoon Rest

  • A front facing view of a cream snowman coffee mug, with two eyes and a nose, a brown base, and a black top hat.

    Snow Day Snowman Mug

  • A textured Santa head coffee mug with a red hat lid and a tan base.

    Snow Day Santa Mug with Lid

  • A white and wooden snowflake shaped trivet.

    Snowflake Trivet

  • A small ceramic Snowman  snack bowl, with a tan base, a white face, and a black top hat.

    Snowman Snack Bowl

  • A front facing view of a textured white sandwich plate topped with a snowman face soup bowl, with a black top hat lid.

    Snowman Soup & Sandwich Plate with Lid

  • Low Stock
    A snowman themed cream and sugar set. A bowl of a snowman's lower body, a creamer pourer of a snowman wearing a black top hat, and a white and tan spoon. Pieces stacked upon one another.

    Snowman Stacking Cream and Sugar - Set of 2

  • A stackable, Santa salt and pepper shaker set. Pieces, a Santa head with a red hat, and a red body with two black buttons and a tan base. Pieces stacked on one another.

    Snow Day Santa Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

  • A white-washed wooden carved heart bowl with a black heart in the bottom.

    Snow Day Carved Heart Bowl