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  • All pieces of a "Santa Says" game - a red drawstring bag, a red and white Santa hat headband, red, white, and green cards, and a white and red instructions sheet.

    Santa Says Game

  • A ceramic ornament of Santa, wearing a red and black suit, green belt, green heart, and a green and red polka dotted hat.

    Heartful Santa Ornament

  • The cover of a soft "Happy Birthday Jesus" nativity activity book.

    Happy Birthday Jesus Soft Book

  • A large red and black buffalo plaid Family Mega Blanket, with an ivory patch that reads "happier. warmer. cozier. together". Folded, and wrapped with a cream ribbon and a brown cardboard product tag.

    Cozy Together Plaid Family Mega Blanket

  • A red and white striped "Elf-ly Cute Jingaling Holiday Accessory" with a gold ruffled trim, and a green top with gold bells. Placed on white mannequin legs.

    Elf-ly Cute Jingaling Holiday Accessory

  • A red metal sleigh shaped wall decor piece that reads "Santa Stops Here in __ days". With a black chalkboard square as a belt, with 25 written with white chalk.

    Santa Stops Here Countdown Wall Decor

  • A frosted glass heart shaped ornament with a silver snowflake charm, a red velvet string, and "Dear couple, have an incredible first Christmas together."

    Dear You Ornament - First Christmas

  • A small white crock with two red stripes at the base, three small diamonds, and "kindness candy canes" in red font. Filled with candy canes.

    Share Kindness Candy Cane Crock

  • A blown glass ornament of a gingerbread man holding a red, green, and white candy cane. With a red ribbon string.

    Blown Glass Gingerbread Ornament

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    A red and white striped scarf with red and green fringed ends, white pom poms, and a felt Santa face. Placed on a black and white mannequin.

    Lit Santa Scarf

  • A white fabric "Happy Birthday Jesus" advent calendar, with a nativity scene drawing in the center, white fabric pouches with gray numbers, and a gold star.

    Happy Birthday Jesus Soft Advent Calendar

  • A cream ceramic mug with a red interior, a red heart, and "Santa's helper" in red typewriter font.

    Santa's Helper Heart Mug

  • A front facing view of a light brown Christmas mouse, wearing a red and white Santa hat, a red and white striped shirt, red pants, and green elf shoes.

    The Christmas Mouse

  • The front of a set of four small nativity plushes. One of Joseph, one of Mary, one of a lamb, and one of baby Jesus.

    Children's Plush Nativity Set