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  • A light gray and white striped foot pocket blanket with an ivory patch that reads "Grandmas cuddle blanket (is perfect snuggle zone)". Folded and tied with a gray ribbon and cardboard tag.

    Grandma & Me Foot Pocket Blanket

  • A soft, plush, blue and cream Elephant Teething Buddy with a cream stomach, two large white ears, two textured gray tabs, and a light gray ring.

    Elephant Teether Buddy

  • A front facing view of a soft gray and brown plush Here to Hug" bear with blue plaid paws and ears, a green nose, a green photo frame on the stomach, filled with a family photo, and an ivory heart shaped patch that reads "here to hug" in blue stitching."

    Here to Hug Bear - Grandma

  • A front facing view of a soft, plush dark and light gray Koala with dark gray and white polka dotted paws and ears.

    Koala Kisses Plush

  • A soft blue woven "Dad and Me" cuddle blanket with a tan sentimental fabric patch stitched into the lower right corner.

    Dad and Me Cuddle Blanket

  • Weighted Throw Blanket - Charcoal

    Weighted Throw Blanket - Charcoal

  • A gray apron with a white fabric pocket on the front that says "Happiness is homemade" and has green florals, displayed on a mannequin.

    Happiness Pocket Apron

  • A front facing view of a plush, soft, light gray Koala Rattle with dark gray and white polka dotted paws and ears.

    Koala Rattle

  • A soft gray baby blanket with "God Bless Baby" and a cross embroidered in the bottom right hand corner.

    God Bless Baby Blanket

  • A blue, yellow, and red floral print wrist strap with gold metal accents.

    Wrist Strap - All Things Through Prayer

  • A gray picture frame with a cloth gray heather backing, a wooden heart, and reads bless you precious child, sweet little one... you are fearfully and wonderfully made". Enclosed in a light wooden frame. Enclosing a picture of a mom and newborn baby."

    Bless You Precious Child Frame

  • A soft gray and rainbow colored Learning Colors Butterfly with two wings, each with three labeled colors, and a gray and white polka dotted body.

    Learning Music Butterfly

  • A plush, soft gray elephant puppet book with two large orange ears, and a small blue and green book called You are my Sunshine" on its stomach."

    You Are My Sunshine Puppet Book