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Having a baby is one of the happiest things most people will ever experience. Celebrate the new parents in your life with our unique selection of gifts just for them!

baby playing with teething scarf toy wrapped around mom

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    A blue scarf with a sentimental message in gray script. Placed on an ivory and black mannequin.

    Dear You Scarf - Mom

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    A soft blue woven "Dad and Me" cuddle blanket with a tan sentimental fabric patch stitched into the lower right corner.

    Dad and Me Cuddle Blanket

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    A soft gray baby blanket with "God Bless Baby" and a cross embroidered in the bottom right hand corner.

    God Bless Baby Blanket

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    A hanging white Heartful Home Bell" with large black dots, a red and yellow flower in the center, a chime that reads "mom", and a black ribbon string."

    Heartful Home Bell - Mom

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    A textured ivory tapered coffee mug with a handwritten message to mom on the front, and blue inner lining.

    Dear You Mug - Mom

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    A gray picture frame with a cloth gray heather backing, with white stitched stripes, x's and black stripes. Enclosed in a light wooden frame. Enclosing a picture of two newborn babies in knit hats.

    Always Loved Frame

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    A textured cream colored picture frame, with thin brown stripes, reads Dear Mom, thank you for giving me the world." in brown typewriter font, and is filled with a family photo."

    Dear You Frame - Mom

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    A speckled glass Dear Mom" jar, with a wooden lid with a message engraved. Wrapped in a cream bow, with a white sentimental product hang tag, and filled with a few cardboard notes."

    Dear You Jar - Dear Mom

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    A white wooden box with a light washed wooden lid that reads "prayers for baby" above a dove with a cross. Opened and placed beside a small piece of paper that also reads "prayers for baby"

    Prayers for Baby Box

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    A light wooden picture frame, with a tan textured backing, a wooden heart with a cross cut out, and reads "answered prayer". Filled with a family photo.

    Answered Prayer Frame

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    A white and light pink Inspired Bell" with a heart shape cut out, a light pink dangling charm, a silver pendant that reads "mom", and a white cord string with wooden beads."

    Inspired Bell - Mom

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    A dainty silver necklace with several silver knots on the chain, and a circular pendant with a flower bouquet engraved.

    Dear You Necklace - Mom