The smallest blessings deserve the biggest welcome. The celebrations begin with first-year milestones and everyday moments of joy. Happy memories are held in tiny hands clutching fingers and hearts. Soon they’ll hold on tightly to a favorite stuffed animal, like our very cuddly and soft Giving Bear, who comes with an endless supply of hugs and a special message of comfort and love. Our Poetic Threads collection provides extra inspiration for baby with sweet notes of love on a warm, friendly bear and wall art for the nursery. The Activity Scarf is a very unique way for mother and child to bond, while baby enjoys sensory exploration. Explore our very special collection of baby – we looooooove making gifts for the little ones!

Engage Baby's Senses

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    A brown gift box filled with a ceramic lion bank, a white plush lion with a sentimental message, and a soft gray and blue blanket.

    Noah's Ark Joy Box | Gift Box

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    A brown gift box filled with a blue striped activity scarf and a light gray plush teddy bear.

    New Baby Boy Joy Box | Gift Box

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    A brown gift box filled with a plush brown teddy bear with a sentimental message and a black and white swaddle.

    Heaven Sent Joy Box | Gift Box

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    A brown gift box filled with a gray "Giving Heart" and a beige "You and Me" blanket.

    Feel The Joy Box | Gift Box

  • A farmer's market themed soft book with various fruits and vegetables on the cover.

    Farmer's Market Soft Book

  • A plush pink and brown polka dotted blankie with a pig head.

    Barnyard Pig Blankie

  • A barnyard themed soft book with a red barn and farm animals on the cover.

    Barnyard Buddies Soft Book

  • A pink and brown plush pig.

    Barnyard Pig Plush

  • A brown striped and patched cow blankie.

    Barnyard Cow Blankie

  • A white plush cow with brown and white stripes, and beige and brown patches.

    Barnyard Cow Plush