Unique Wedding Gifts

Whether you are seeking a thoughtful wedding gift for your forever partner or are looking for something for your newlywed loved ones, DEMDACO strives to make the sentiment, “And they lived happily ever after,” a reality. We understand that wedding gifts are more than just a present, and that the best ways to commemorate such joyous occasions come from the heart. No two love stories are the same and our collection of unique wedding gifts is carefully curated with a wide selection of designs that each bring something special to the table. From elegant champagne flutes to sculptural art pieces, DEMDACO’s quality materials and handcrafted detailing lend generational, timeless value to these items. Explore our meaningful wedding gifts and find what warms your heart.

Forever Love

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    2022 Ornament

    2022 Ornament

  • Dove gray wood frame enhances inset carved plaque of embracing couple, birds and flowers, painted in blue ombre and gold dots

    Duet Framed Plaque

  • Front view, adult male figure in light gray shirt and blue jeans, seated on gray rock

    My Guy

  • Front view, figure in cream dress, hands clasped under chin, with 2020 cut into gold metal headpiece. Hook, loop affixed to head

    2020 Ornament

  • Front view, standing female figure in cream dress, holding gold wire circle in which is written 'love you'

    Love you

  • Front view of brunette girl figurine in white dress with gold dots holding her hands out

    Everyday Blessings

  • Front view of seated male figure in taupe shirt and blue jeans with female figure in cream dress standing behind him leaning over his shoulder

    You and Me

  • Front view of male and female figures embracing as if dancing, figures standing on flat, round base carved with white roses

    Promise Cake Topper

  • Front view of standing figure in cream dress holding small white bird out in hands


  • Front view of female figure in cream dress holding red heart sitting on gray rock etched with words and symbols of love


  • Front view of standing boy figure in cream shirt and blue jeans, holding gold-leaf heart with both hands to chest

    Heart of Gold

  • Front view of standing male and female figures, holding each other as if dancing, female in cream dress, male in cream shirt and dark pants


  • Male and female couple sitting across from each other touching heads and hands, male in dark pants, female in cream dress

    Around You

  • Front view of female figure in cream dress with male figure in dark pants standing behind her with arms wrapped around each other, standing on flat round base decorated with carved roses

    Together Cake Topper