Religious Gifts

One of the most special occasions to celebrate are those involving religious accomplishments, or rites-of-passage, such as baptism, First Communion and confirmation. These are times when family comes together to celebrate spiritual joy and important moments of faith. Religious gifts are also meaningful for godparents or sponsors for baptisms who will be there for life as faith grows. DEMDACO curates a special selection of religious gifts for many different spiritual occasions and recipients.

Celebrate Faith

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  • A soft, plush, white Lamb Rattle Blankie with a gray cross and Jesus Loves Me" embroidered on the bottom corner."

    Lamb Rattle Blankie

  • A soft, plush cream Prayer Lamb Blankie, with a heart that reads our goodnight prayer" stitched into the top left corner, and a prayer patch stitched into the bottom right corner."

    Goodnight Prayer Lamb Blankie

  • A plush, soft cream and brown with striped ears and paws, and a blue and green blue book called Jesus Loves Me!" on its stomach."

    Jesus Loves Me Puppet Book

  • A white Guardian Angel Bear Blankie with soft pink trim, and a soft pink cross stitched in the bottom corner.

    Pink Guardian Angel Bear Blankie

  • A white Guardian Angel Bear Blankie with soft blue trim, and a soft blue cross stitched in the bottom corner.

    Blue Guardian Angel Bear Blankie

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    The outside cover of a soft children's book. Soft and white, with a lamb figure, and reads "My Goodnight Prayers".

    Goodnight Prayer Lamb Book