Extra Credit

Inspire their studies with encouraging dorm décor and meaningful back-to-school accessories, such as zip pouches, backpacks and more.


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  • A textured ivory tapered coffee mug with a typed message about "follow your dreams" on the front, and yellow inner lining.

    Dear You Mug - Dream

  • A faux green succulent placed in a tan burlap sack with a white patch with yellow stitching and a sentimental message about Hello Sunshine in gray handwriting.

    Plant Kindness - Sunshine

  • A white blanket, designed to look like a letter. With fringed ends, thin gray lines, two thick black lines, and a typewriter Dear You" letter in black font."

    Dear You Blanket - The Journey

  • A small circular, peach colored keepsake dish with a sentimental message about your dreams in black typewriter font.

    Dear You Treasure Keeper - Dream

  • A red and ivory mug with "joyful" engraved over a red heart.

    Joyful Heart Mug

  • An indigo multi patterned "Your Journey" backpack.

    Your Journey Indigo Backpack

  • A close-up shot of a woman in a pink blouse wearing a multi-pattern and multi-color fabric backpack.

    Your Journey Multicolor Backpack

  • A gray wooden card with a ceramic plate that reads "trust the journey".

    The Journey Forever Card - Keepsake Décor

  • A woman holding two blue pattern bags. One is a drawstring bag, and the other is a smaller bag with a zipper.

    Your Journey Indigo Set of 3 Zip Pouches

  • A gray woven plaque with a copper card that reads "stronger than yesterday".

    Stronger Plaque - Home Décor

  • A black burlap wrist strap with a gold ring, a gold hook, and a rose gold tag that reads "yes you can".

    Wrist Strap - Yes You Can - Keychain

  • A gray woven plaque with a copper card that reads "One life. Lots of possibility.".

    One Life Plaque - Home Décor

  • A black woven plaque with a silver card that reads "your some day is today!".

    Today Plaque - Home Décor

  • A black woven plaque with a copper card that reads "reach for the stars".

    Stars Plaque - Home Décor