Artful Messages

For those who appreciate the beauty of heartfelt, artisan gifts. These selections nod to the bonds you share, the roads traveled and the love behind it all. Beautifully and carefully crafted in artful styles that will endure through the ages, these offerings can be shown-off, delicately worn or positioned in a favorite space to simply enjoy. Nothing says 'I love you' more than a message from the heart wrapped in a gorgeous design. 

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  • seaglass depicting branch with butterfly on white background in dark frame

    Blossoms and Butterfly Wings Wall Décor

  • A small, stripe textured, light pink vase that reads let love in", filled with an assortment of small rocks, and a white succulent oil diffuser."

    Succulent Oil Diffuser - Love

  • A dark gray coffee mug with "grandpa" engraved above a white heart.

    Grandpa Heart Mug

  • Front side view of white mug with 'brave' in grey above grey heart

    Brave Heart Mug

  • A small, speckle textured, tan and light pink vase, that reads xoxo", and is filled with an assortment of small rocks, and a white succulent oil diffuser."

    Succulent Oil Diffuser - XOXO

  • A cross shaped sculpture that is decorated with flowers and says "through love anything is possible" and has an attached silver tassel and gold key.

    Anything is Possible Artful Cross

  • A white floral Art Heart that says "when friends are near, happiness is here." The heart has a gold tassel and a bronze key.

    Friends & Happiness Art Heart

  • A gray heart shaped keeper that says "Love heals" is decorated with white flowers and displayed on a white background.

    Love Heals Art Heart Keeper

  • A heart shaped container that says "your Friendship means the world to me!" and is decorated with birds and flowers.

    Your Friendship Art Heart Keeper

  • A silver cross shaped sculpture with gold flowers and says "Faith" with an attached silver tassel and gold key.

    Floral Faith Artful Cross

  • A square wood framed scribble art of a paw print with a red heart inside.

    Pawprint Wall Art

  • The front view of a gold Art Heart that says "Hello Sunshine" on a white background with a gold tassel and bronze key.

    Hello Sunshine Art Heart

  • A dark blue floral Art Heart sculpture that says "Love has a way of making your Day" with a bronze key and silver tassel.

    Love Has A Way Art Heart

  • A light blue cross shaped sculpture with a white flower that says "Always Believe" with a gold key attached to a silver tassel.

    Always Believe Artful Cross