Artful Messages

For those who appreciate the beauty of heartfelt, artisan gifts. These selections nod to the bonds you share, the roads traveled and the love behind it all. Beautifully and carefully crafted in artful styles that will endure through the ages, these offerings can be shown-off, delicately worn or positioned in a favorite space to simply enjoy. Nothing says 'I love you' more than a message from the heart wrapped in a gorgeous design. 

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  • A blue wall art piece featuring a red headed woman surrounded by flowers and multiple textures.

    Your Own Kindness Wall Art

  • "Hope and Courage" wall art piece with a brunette woman in a yellow blouse surrounded by flowers and butterflies.

    Hope and Courage Wall Art

  • A wall art piece of a brunette woman surrounded by red and green accents and patterns.

    Forever Blessed Wall Art

  • A "Faith and Trust Angel" in a blue dress with a sentimental message on the front.

    Faith and Trust Angel

  • A piece of wall art with a brunette woman with a floral wreath around her head.

    Survivor Wall Art

  • A "Hope and Healing Angel" in a yellow dress with a sentimental message on the front.

    Hope and Healing Angel

  • A wall art piece with a sentimental message surrounded by flowers and various patterns.

    Nurture Your Soul Manifesto Wall Art