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  • A cropped image of a brunette woman sitting in an old ivory stool, wearing denim jeans and a black and gray tie dye poncho.

    Tie Dye Poncho - Black

  • A striped light blue and cream Striped Duster . Placed on an ivory and black mannequin.

    Striped Duster - Blue

  • A soft textured dark gray Prayer Shrobe placed on an ivory and black mannequin.

    Charcoal Prayer Shrobe- Hero

  • A close up image of a brunette woman standing against a textured gray wall, with a hand on her hip, wearing denim jeans, a white blouse, and a dark blue duster with a single chevron line and pom pom stripes along the bottom.

    Textured Duster - Blue

Linda’s works are influenced by African-American culture, her own experiences, and her love for music. She was a proud member of the ArtLifting community until her passing in 2020.
-Linda King