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She Inspires

The She Inspires Collection by artist Kris Binsfeld’s artistry honors the woman who has overcome and inspired others around her through beautifully hammered metal artwork. We know you love to be encouraged and inspired as well as encourage and inspire those around you. Our "She Inspires" uplifting plaques, cards and tokens are a curated collection of empowering words for all of us. "She Inspires" inspires all of us to be stronger, to believe in ourselves, to speak our truth, to give our hearts and to climb higher. "She" is... YOU. Powerful messaging on tokens, inspiration cards and plaques such as “She is perfectly imperfect” and “Live boldly,” is the perfect gift for encouraging and celebrating a mother, sister, daughter, or friend.

She inspires metal plates with inspiring quotes

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  • Small round rose gold token with 'be badass' carved in silver

    Be Badass Token

  • wooden picture frame with black border and gold and silver rectanglse attached to it and she Be Fearless in the pursuits of your Dream etched into it

    Be Fearless Frame

  • Small bronze plaque with 'be fearless' carved in

    Be Fearless Token

  • Be the calm in the storm' grey plaque with indents - 'calm' is in gold round center of it

    Be the Calm Inspire Card

  • two copper rectangles reading 'believe it' and 'achieve it' screwed to a square cut of gray stone

    Believe It Magnet

  • copper rectangle screwed to silver heart magnet reading 'bossbabe'

    Boss Babe Magnet

  • gold heart with silver attachment and Courage Over Comfort etched into it

    Courage Heart Token