Mommy & Me

Inspired by experiences with her own children, this collection from artist Jennifer Heynen promotes together time between parent and child. Each format has coordinating features and fabrics across the collection, making the set a perfect gift for an expecting parent or grandma. The new additions of activity bibs and blankies encourage sensory development through a little one's tactile experiences with a variety of smooth and furry textures or squeaking and crinkling sounds.

Engage baby's senses

1-15 of 45 items

the number of product on this page and in total are 1-15 of 45 items

  • light blue crab shaped washcloth with mirrors on claws and pull tabs on edges

    Activity Bath Mitt - Crab

  • blue fabric bib with orange and yellow fabric lion face on front and different patterned fabric pull tabs coming off the bottom

    Activity Bib - Lion

  • black and white striped activity bib with zebra decal and different pattterned scalloped tabs

    Activity Bib - Zebra

  • black and white striped fabric baby mat with dog and cat faces, two rubber hooks and scalloped edges with different patterns of black and white fabric

    Activity Blankie - Dog

  • White stuffed lamb baby toy - black/white striped feet - green cross printed on the left - dark blue hoop hanging from the top

    Activity Lamb with Rattle

  • Activity Puppet - Cow

  • Activity Puppet - Giraffe

  • Activity Puppet - Kitty

  • Activity Puppet - Lion

  • Activity Puppet - Monkey