Our artisan, handcrafted tokens take serving trays to the next level with their occasion-specific appeal and the extra flair they bring. Browse our unique selection of tokens to add to your serveware and make your next gathering extra special.

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  • top view of silver carved turtle

    Sea Turtle Token

  • Silver heart figurine with courage brown letters above embellished design

    Courage Art Heart Token

  • Golden heart figurine with Believe surrounded by three stars and diamond carved in

    Believe Art Heart Token

  • Silver heart figurine with brown spots and  'HOPE' in brown letters centered

    Hope Art Heart Token

  • Brown chunky cross figurine with purple/white flower print on sides, LOVE in light pink letters in the center

    Love Artful Cross Token

  • Small white heart with light pink flowers printed on and 'serenity' in light blue

    Serenity Art Heart Token

  • Small black heart pendant with 'hero' banner in white

    Hero Art Heart Token